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Calum Hood is an Australian teen rocker of the band 5 Seconds of Summer. His band mates include Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin and Michael Clifford. The band was originally discovered on YouTube as they started posting their musical videos and exploded with a cult YouTube following. Fans prayers were answered when the Calum Hood nude photos were leaked from Snapchat.

Calum Hood guitar

In August 2014, he made a great mistake in his life when he took a Snapchat of his penis and randomly sent it to different girls. To his horror one of those girls posted it on Vine, and it quickly spread online from there. Apparently he didn’t expect his followers to repost… oops.

Because of the scandal, Calum Hood found himself at the center of some serious internet drama. Some claim it disgusting, but plenty of horny men and women were no doubt excited to see these unexpected pics.

Calum Hood covering dick
Teasing the camera before the real bits…

Calum Hood shirtless

Truly good or bad, publicity is still publicity. At present whenever people see Calum Hood and his band perform on stage that old scandal of his seems to have died its own death. The band has continuously topped the charts with their Billboard top charting songs. Look for more from this studly gent!

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