Actor Harrison Ford Naked – He Was a Handsome Cat!

You probably associate Harrison Ford with an older gentleman these days… but did you know he was a seriously sexy man back in the day? We compiled some great photos of Harrison for you to enjoy!

Back before he was a famous actor, he worked as a carpenter and briefly served as a stagehand for The Doors. One of his first roles was in George Lucas's 1973 film American Graffiti. He finally married his longtime girlfriend Calista Flockhart back in June 2010 — after dating her for eight years!

Harrison Ford: Most Handsome Man Photo

Harrison Ford retro handsome man sunglasses
Those sunglasses are the heat!

Here he is looking pretty good for being a sexy old guy!

Harrison Ford Sexy Shirtless Pics

Harrison Ford Nude Scenes

Here's a small gallery of photos from one hot movie scene:

Harrison Ford NSFW VIDEO

Harrison Ford recently had old naked photos released online, according to reports.

The photos were reportedly posted to 4chan, according to news channel NTV. In May, the scammers reportedly sent Ford a link to a site that had more than 20,000 nude celebrity images. Ford was one of the male celebrities exposed in the plot.

The scammers then uploaded photos, which could have been from 2005-2006, according to news reports.

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