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Sex Education’s Asa Butterfield Naked Penis Pics!

Netflix has made this guy very popular.  LeakedMen now has the handsome Asa Butterfield's naked pics! These are a few facts about him before we get to his hot nude photos. He was born on Tuesday, April 1st 1997 in London, and as a hot new actor, he:

  • He played Hugo Cabret in the Academy Award winning movie Hugo. He has also played major roles in the movies Ender's Game, The Boy in Stripping Pyjamas, The Space Between Us, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children and Time Freak.
  • Asa in Portuguese means “Wing.”
  • In 2006, he made his film debut as Andrew in the movie After Thomas. He started to work in the local theater of his city at age 7.
  • In Hugo as well as the Ender's Game, he starred opposite Ben Kingsley (the guy who played Gandhi).
  • His old brother, Morgan, became band drummer Under the Tallest Tree. He was born in London.

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Asa Butterfield Nude Photos

How did he prepare for the scene?

When Asa Butterfield first read the script for Sex Education, a sexually explicit coming-of-age story, he was struck by the realism of the young characters he found himself playing.

Asa Butterfield Nsfw Videos

“It was funny because the scene I’m in with Julie (played by Emma Mackey) was basically sex scenes with my body, which was weird for me because normally when you see a really ugly nudity or someone's naked body, it’s in the realm of porn”

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