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BAM! Bruce Lee Was Seriously Ripped (Nearly Nude Photos)

Bruce Lee is a hero to Asian masculinity.  This guy was a straight up bad ass, and his physical prowess remains unmatched, even today.  So who wants to see Bruce's perfectly sculpted body?  We do!

After all of those martial arts… he built himself a very nice bod.  So what's he all about? He started his martial arts training under teacher Yip Man back in 1954. He eventually married Linda Emery in 1964, and the couple had two children together. As many people often remember, his son Brandon tragically died while filming the 1994 movie The Crow.

He popularized Kung-fu in the Western world through film, and created his own philosophy and practice called Jeet Kune Do.   Now here's a tribute from Leaked Men:

Bruce Lee's Built Body Photo Collection

Bruce Lee with no shirt on
He could probably rip your nuts off

Here are some more great photos of Mr Lee

Bruce Lee ripped abs Bruce Lee flexing  Bruce Lee V-taper and muscular lats Sexy Bruce Lee photo

Bruce Lee with boxing gloves

Bruce Lee with battle wound scratches

Bruce Lee kneeling on tiger rug

Bruce Lee bulge with style  Bruce Lee with NBA basketball player wingspan Bruce Lee had crazy abs Bruce Lee karate chest  Bruce Lee body

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Bruce Lee in The Way of the Dragon

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Sexy Photos of Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee in sunglasses

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