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Casey Affleck Naked Pics and Video!

Ben Affleck's little brother is truly making a name of his own without his big bro's name attached! Especially when it comes to his BAD photos that we have collected here just for you! That's right, we got the Casey Affleck NAKED pics and video for your enjoyment. There is no denying this dreamy blue-eyed man is Hollywood's new “IT” boy! He's got a following of stalkers, just like Entourage hottie Adrian Grenier –  did you know he has a penis video leaked, too?! Damn, these famous people can't keep their shit on lock down.


But first, get a hold of yourself, and get warmed up with these tasty pics…

actor nominee casey affleck looking sexing in a tan shirt and holding a gun
Hello there, SEXY!
hot pic of actor casey affleck lifting up his shirt
Damn! Take it off, Casey!
sexy pic of oscar nominee casey affleck in white v neck shirt
Big bro Ben can't compete with this hot cake!
handsome photo of celebrity casey affleck showing his gorgeous blue eyes
MMM MMM MMM, break me off of piece of that!

Don't know much about him? Let us shed some light on this charming stud and his complicated life.

Before Casey crawled out of Ben's shadow, he was taking small roles in popular movies such as Good Will Hunting, To Die For, Gerry, Ocean's Eleven, Ocean's Twelve and Ocean's Thirteen. In 2006 he eventually got a leading role in the movie Lonesome Jim, which is a comedy drama. Although, It wasn't until 2007 that he broke out as the next biggest star in the Western film, The Assassination of Jesse James. He won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. From then, he appeared in other big movies with big names, such as The Killer Inside Me.

The Golden Globe Awards winner and Oscar nominee has recently been in the headlines for his amazing performance in the drama motion picture, Manchester by the Sea. Everyone and their grandma wants to see Casey Affleck naked because he looked totally DELICIOUS playing a grieving father, as sick as that sounds. His popularity rate has shot through the roof!

Although this is a HUGE moment for the devilishly good-looking actor, he is coming under fire for sexual allegations against two women he worked with on an indie film, I'm Still Here. One of the women alleged he crawled into bed with her, without permission, while she stayed in his home. The other for pressuring/intimidating the woman into staying in a hotel room with him and “violently” grabbing her in an effort to keep her there. Both of the complaints were asking for over 2 million and settled for undisclosed amounts in 2010.

Mr. Affleck totally denied the allegations and called them both “extortions” in a publicly filed document. When the New York Times reached out to him to comment on the past events, he replied in an email: “It was settled to the satisfaction of all. I was hurt and upset – I am sure all were – but I am over it.”

In other news about this yummy celebrity man, he separated from his wife Summer Phoenix in 2015. They announced their separation to the world in March of 2016. He seems to hold sweet sentiments towards her stil though, stating that “She's the best. We're very good friends and I love her.” – no one knows why they parted ways. Some speculate it might be due to his heavy drinking, but sources say he has been sober for 3 years straight. Casey is now dating a spicy Latina, Floriana Lima.

Well, anyway, he isn't the only male celeb who is under some scrutiny – so is this MAJOR hunk's dick pics and ongoing public divorce.  So enough with the details about his personal life! Let's get to the point of this article, which is seeing Casey Affleck naked and hot junk exposed!

Casey Affleck Naked Video!

Ready to see this dreamy man undressed?!

casey affleck naked in bed
How would you LOVE to wake up to that?!

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Enjoy Casey Affleck in action! He might be more bangin' than Benny boy!

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