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Chris Hemsworth’s Hot Naked Body

Man-hunk Chris Hemsworth's delicious naked pictures are maddeningly hot! The Thor actor's body is beastly and downright sizzling, to say the least. I mean, come on, muscles and abs for days! It's no surprise this Australian stud won People's “Sexiest Man Alive” in 2014. This year he has been named GQ Australia's “Man of the Year” as well.  No wonder millions have been searching for his nudes!


Those are some piercing eyes.
sexy Chris Hemsworth shows off his ripped body
Wow, Chris strutting his ripped body!
Chris Hemsworth cock in boxers exposed
Actor Chris Hemsworth's cock bulges in his boxers!
actor Chris Hemsworth in Vacation movie
YUM! Hemsworth's BIG package “Vacation” movie scene!

Wow, just look at that BIG bulge in his boxers, wouldn't you like to get a hold of that ding-a-ling?! Obviously Hemsworth has a THICK baloney pony – he isn't afraid to show it off either. Orlando Bloom doesn't seem to be afraid to show the world his penis in public.  You can tell it's his most powerful weapon, besides his ridiculously chiseled face (of course).

The 6'3 hunk is known for his massive chest of 48 inches wide. As you can see, his biceps are 16 inches and growing. Before he became Thor, Chris was about 200 pounds. He had to put an extra 20 pounds for the role, more man to hold on to. How many inches does his muscle between his thighs have? Probably a good 9-10 inches at least!

shirtless Chris Hemsworth in Thor
Chris Hemsworth looking ripped as hell in Thor!

There is no other actor in Hollywood who could play such a mythical godly superhero. Chris' fine ass looks are from the heaven's above and could never be replicated. A one of a kind “marvel” (pun-intended). Can you imagine this “god of thunder” laying down his hammer in bed?! You know what “tool” we are talking about! The son of Odin isn't known for great fertility for no reason…

Chris Hemsworth has very nice arms
Take a look at those forearms!
Chris Hemsworth white t-shirt and jeans
The apex of jeans and a white t-shirt

Chris Hemsworth beach body

Chris Hemworth carrying his surfboard

All three of the Hemsworth brothers are blessed genetically.  Australia must have something in the water.  Now check out this video clip from an Avengers deleted scenes reel and try not to pass out.

Electric muscles, nice.

Check out his delicious video below!

Chris Hemsworth naked muscular bum
Scroll down to watch…


Chris Hemsworth Nude: His Beautiful Hot Body Exposed

Chris Hemsworth in the movie Rush
Totally butt-naked Chris Hemsworth!

Post updated December 5, 2017.

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