sexy Australian actor Nathaniel Buzolic taking a selfie showing off his abs

Nathaniel Buzolic Naked Penis Pics

One of our favorite Australian men ever has some dirty little leaked photos out on the web! We are talking about the Nathaniel Buzolic naked penis pics, this news has spiked in the headlines. It seems like every major tabloid worldwide is covering this news. I mean, who wouldn't want to see this hot Aussie man's package?! He's so fucking sexy!


If you don't have the pleasure of knowing who Nathaniel is, let us introduce you to this gorgeous man…

hot pic of nathaniel buzolic taking a selfie showing off his bicep and giving a fierce sexy look
YUM. Hey, new boyfriend!
australian actor nathaniel buzolic pointing and shirtless showing abs
This Aussie knows how to work out!
actor nathaniel buzolic looking sexy as hell shirtless by the laundry instagram pic
Mmm, I'll do his dirty laundry any damn day.

Nathaniel resembles a younger looking Ryan Gosling (see Ryan Gosling's BEST naked moments here!). If you don't know who this sexy celeb is, I'll give you a brief bio of this sexy thang!

Buzolic has been in the entertainment since 2001, appearing in some films and then hosting a Disney channel show called Studio Disney by 2005. Although it wasn't until hosting a quiz show called The Mint in 2007 that he started to get more limelight. Everyone was wondering who this hunky boy was…

And then things started blowing up for him in 2007. He was casted as “Kol Mikaelson” in the hit show Vampire Diaries. With his boyish looks and the exposure he got from the show his career really took off. So did his popularity! With his boyish face and cut body, it is no surprise that now he is one of the most googled guys his age (33 years old). Now he is in a spin-off show The Originals, which would be nothing without his sexy self in it!

Nathaniel Buzolic Naked Penis Pics

Alright, alright, alright…. are you ready to see this yummy gentlemen's peen pics?!

hot gif of nathaniel buzolic on a couch only with his undies on
In position…


SOOOOO delicious!

leaked pic of nathaniel buzolic's naked penis pic
Now that's a beautiful dong!
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