Kevin Federline and Britney in love

What Happened To Kevin Federline After Britney Spears?

If there was a Hall of Fame dedicated to disastrous Hollywood romances, then no doubt you would find the marriage between Britney Spears and Kevin Federline there.

We all remember back in 2004 when the pop princess announced her engagement to K-Fed. It was a decision that in hindsight seems to has served as the beginning of  Spears' infamous downward spiral.(Don't pretend like you don't remember when she shaved her head and went full postal on someone's car with an umbrella…)

Britney Spears Melt Down with Umbrella
Here she is, on a rampage whilst giving zero fucks!

Considering she was super hot back then and had her pick of the Hollywood litter, Britney had the world wondering what was beyond K-Fed's wife-beater tank-tops and wannabe gangster persona that had her so drawn to him.  Sure, he's not the worst specimen to look at, but after dating a catch like Justin Timberlake you'd think Brit would have gone for someone a little more, uh…swoon worthy?

Britney Spears on Kevin Federlines back
It was a car wreck from the get go
Britney Spears and Kevin Federline carrying her bags
Smart man… he landed quite the sugar mama.
Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake All Denim
This collab between Britney and Justin is so wrong it's right.  That Canadian tuxedo is fucking awesome.

We know for sure that she didn't fall for him because he had his shit together. In fact, his previous girlfriend Shar Jackson was still pregnant with his second child at the time that he and Spears announced their engagement. What we did learn is that this dude loves to impregnate, as he managed to pump out two more kids with Spears during their two year marriage.

Britney sucking Kevin Federline cock in sex tape
Britney sucks a good dick…

What Is Kevin Federline Doing Now?

He's apparently doing quite well as a DJ, pulling up to $10K per show.  He's dating Victoria Prince, and now has six kids.  He had a bit of a stint in the media a few years ago because of his noticeable weight gain, but it seems he's been able to work that back down in 2017.

Kevin Federline weight gain golfing
Apparently he was shocked to see these photos in the tabloids back in 2014… little too much partying, bro!

Now that it's 2017, it seems he's been able to hit the dance floor for a little exercise.  He should have signed some sponsorships with diet companies for their “totally amazing before and after” weight loss transformation!

Kevin Federline and Victoria Prince in August 2017
Kickin' it with his girl Victoria Prince in August 2017 [source]
Kevin Federline and Amber Rose
And here he is with the wild and scandalous Amber Rose.


What did Kevin look like back in the day?  Here's a few handsome photos:

Young Kevin Federline

Kfed in 2016
In September 2016, from his Instagram.

So Did He Really Make a Sex Tape with Britney Spears?

Perhaps the allure of K.Fed was the sex and his baby making abilities? He met Spears while he was back dancing for her, so we know the guy must have some moves. You better believe these two loved to dance in the sack.  The question is… did they film it?

That sure looks like Britney!

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