HUNK Movie Actor Chris Evans Naked Photos

Is this the next Brad Pitt? The guy was made to be Captain America, he just looks like the cartoon character naturally.  All American stud, that's for sure.

Chris was raised Catholic and graduated from Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School. He went on to study acting at Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute. Now we get to see him on the regular being the man-hunk that is was born to be.  Enjoy this photo gallery below!

Chris Evans: One of the Sexiest Men in Hollywood

Chris Evans
Very dapper

Robert Downey Jr AND Chris Evans?? Yes, please!

Handsome photo with Robert Downey Jr
There's just too much sexy happening right here
Chris Evans perfect chest
Ok, baby, ok


Chris Evans perfect body gif
Never forget this

Chris Evans Naked Pics

Remember when Hollywood celebrities wouldn't even dare hit the gym without exposing everything? This was the age before the Internet of course.

Chris Evans admits that he doesn't remember a time when he didn't naked on screen. He was always known to be well buff but became even more iconic in 2015, when he stripped off his clothes on the cover of GQ. On the cover, Chris is wearing a long gray vest and a scuba ring.

For his cover photo, Evans, who happens to be 6'0″, flexed his biceps in a very expressive position, making his frame look even more buff. By the time he published his now famous cover photo, people couldn't stop drooling over his body.


Chris Evans forearm porn GIFs (click to play):

Or maybe you prefer the bad boy look?

Chris Evans beautiful body

Chris looking ripped on the beach

Chris in a tight henley shirt


Chris Evans Sex Scene VIDEO


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  1. In The Avengers he looked at his own body, lying on the ground and said ‘That IS America’s ass!’ after seeing the pictures, that’s pretty much ‘America’s everything’ … and my sons are both older than he is so I feel a little guilty every time my heart goes pitter pat when I look at him

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