Channing Tatum looking very handsome

HOT! Actor Channing Tatum NAKED!

Channing is a polarizing figure in the world of man candy.  Some think he is the epitome of HOT, and others think he looks like that bro on the football field that has three brain cells.  Whatever your opinion, he's one popular celebrity. His performance in Magic Mike

Channing Tatum fully nude

Growing up, Channing Tatum played football, soccer, and ran track. Believe it or not, he also danced as a male stripper before he was famous, leading to his appropriate casting in Magic Mike. He's married to Jenna Dewan, and the two married in July 2009 after three years of dating. He also co-starred with Robert Downey, Jr. and Shia LaBeouf, two other male celebs that are blowing up!

If seeing Channing Tatum naked is on your bucket list… well:

Channing Tatum Naked Photo Leaks

Channing Tatum
Hey, baby

The guy can dance, just watch this 30 second clip:


Here are some classics from his early modeling days:

A few of his very nicely sculpted ass… and back!

Channing Tatum nude

Channing Tatum ass

Channing Tatum's Male Stripper Pics

Did you know he actually was a male stripper back in the day?  He had some moves.

Channing Tatum young male stripper

Channing Tatum banana hammock

Here he is in an old video taken from when he was only 18… and much thinner!

It sure seems like Channing might be gay?  What do you guys think?  Here's a centerfold from Out.

Channing Tatum in OUT
Channing getting dressed in the locker room
Locker room action

See more of him below!

The actor shared this behind-the-scenes look at his Magic Mike XXL experience.

Channing Tatum, who plays the emcee of this time's time Magic Mike, was whipped, whipped, whipped by his co-stars.

The actor, who shared the pics on Instagram, said that the choreography involved lots of “back butt whipping, ass whipped back and forth on a stripper pole.”

The night before they filmed this scene, Tatum shared that Matthew McConaughey, who stars in the sequel as the head of the male modeling company who poses male dancers, was sick. In the photos shared with fans, McConaughey smiles in front of a mirror as he rests his head on his hand.

Tatum said,

“He could barely pick up his feet and would have to walk around on his own like a little dog before the scenes even started. Poor guy. Why me?!”

BOOM! Check out the body on Channing in Magic Mike!

Channing Tatum Hot Naked Scene – VIDEO!

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