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Cody Christian Nude Leaked Videos!

Wow, the Teen Wolf stars got hacked! One of our boys of the pack is a victim of the fiasco. Yep, the Cody Christian nude leaked videos were spread all over the web like wildfire. He is definitely one of the FINEST young stars about to blow up, and this news just made him even more popular than ever.


Cody Christian nude video leaked
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If you never watch MTV, you might have not heard of this studly celeb. It's alright, we'll go ahead and introduce you to this fit boy before showing you the “goods”!

hot pic of celebrity cody christian showing off his abs on Teen Wolf tv show
The definition of MAN CANDY.
delicious actor cody christian playing theo raeken and looking fucking hot
Clean cut and sexy.
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Doesn't he make you hungry?!

If you didn't know him before, I'm sure he is on your bucket “fuck” list now! MMM MMM MMM, once you get a taste of this chicken, you'll always be addicted! Man, I'd eat him up for breakfast every single damn day! Sheesh, and you know he is only going to get sexier and more delicious with age. The kid has “future Brad Pitt of Hollywood” written all over his cut body ( see Brad's beautiful penis here). No wonder he is killing the headlines with that steamy physique.

The 21 year old Cody has been on screen since 2001 with small roles here and there. He didn't start turning heads until he was casted in Pretty Little Liars. Although it wasn't until his role as “Theo Raeken” in the MTV series Teen Wolf that his fan base of admirers started to get bigger and bigger.

Well, when people found out this man-boy had a leak online, it practically made him a global star overnight. Interestingly enough, the season finale of Teen Wolf was only a few days away. Some people speculate the whole cast is behind the scandal and that they did it for ratings. According to sources that is false. They legitimately had their private footage and pics stolen.

Have you seen fellow Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey's leaked jerk off video?

After a few days when things started cooling down, Cody came out with a statement to all his supporting fans on Twitter:

“Love each and every one of you with all of my heart,” he wrote. “Incredibly grateful for the unwavering support. Enjoy the winter finale tonight!” – Cody Christian via Twitter.

Whatever the truth is, as fans of Cody ourselves, we think he should be happy for giving his fans a tasty treat! Plus, this is only going to blast the show's ratings and his career to the front lines!

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Cody Christian Nude Leaked Videos

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