WHIP! Robert Pattinson Shirtless!

Robert Pattinson exploded (heh) onto the scene with the teen mega hit Twilight.  So dreamy. With that popularity came men and women wanting to see him naked (and probably fucking Kristen Stewart).  Lucky for our readers… Robert is shirtless (and naked) below.

A little bit of history: his father imported cars, and his mom worked at a modeling agency. Perhaps that’s where he got his good looks… which led to him dating Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart in 2008. Searches for his girlfriend FKA Twigs spiked, and the two were engaged in April 2015.

Robert Pattinson naked!

Robert Pattinson
Mr. Dreamy Eyes… see him exposed on page 2!
Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs
Robert with his girlfriend FKA Twigs (what the fuck kind of name is that?)

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