Footage of James Alexandrou Jacking Off!

When James Alexandrou decided to step in front of the camera to stroke his cock on a private Skype session, you have to wonder whether or not he considered that the rest of the world might see it, too.

Regardless of whether that occurred to him or not, it's precisely what happened.

WHAT? There's footage of me jacking off spreading all over the Internet??

You may remember James from the popular English soap opera, Eastenders, in which he starred as the original Martin Fowler for a whopping 14 seasons. To the disappointment of countless fans, the sexy brunette star eventually retired from the show and went on to pursue others avenue of acting, such as theater and small film productions.

The 32 year old has also dabbled in some screen writing and directing, but has managed to maintain a pretty low profile despite his constant activity within the “celebrity” industry. That is… until recently.  A 13 minute video clipped was just leaked that features Alexandrou going to town with his man piece. We're talking some serious masturbation here, people.

James Alexandrou Skype call

Taking off his boxers James Alexandrou showing off his big dick

James Alexandrou masturbation tape

Our thoughts after seeing the video?

Well, first and foremost, we must put our hands together and clap for that impressive wanker and mouth watering bulge that James was blessed with. Second, it's a shame that this clip doesn't have any sound, because one can only imagine the grunts he was making as he beat that meat like it was going out of style.

Which brings us to our third point.  Who in God's name was on the other side of that Skype, that convinced the star that it was a good idea to drop his pants to pleasure himself online? Was it a man? A woman? Both?

Check out the clip here, and let us know what you think of James' steamy hot solo sesh.

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