Ryland Adams and Shane Dawson

Ryland Adams’ Snapchat Account Hacked!

If you missed out on seeing Ryland Adams' leaked naked snapchats a few months back, don't worry, we've got what you're looking for. Back in May, the YouTube celebrity was stepping onto a plane when he got word that his Snapchat had been hacked, which would result in the release of his sexy naked pics for millions to see.

Let's not forget the rather bizarre penis video featuring Ryland and his boyfriend, Shane Dawson, either.

Ryland Adams selfie bare chested

It seems that Adams has always been on the hunt for the attention that comes with celebrity status. Before fame, the social media obsessed star studied broadcast journalism at Metro State University, and in 2013 created his first pop culture network on YouTube, known as Utubular.

On the channel, Ryland (along with a few other internet personalities) pretty much just gossiped about the latest rumors and happenings in young Hollywood. Thanks to his outspoken nature and boy-next-door good looks, it didn't take long for Adams to start building a fan base.

The 26 year old can now be found hosting YouTube's “Clevver News” channel, which has over 3.4 million subscribers and a whopping 2 billion + overall views. Clearly Ryland is doing something right, and those baby blue eyes and perfect smile certainly don't hurt.

Ryland Adams in the kitchen with no shirt


Shane holding Ryland

Shane Dawson in bed
Shane Dawson eating a burrito
You can see where this is going

Long story short, Adams eventually found himself at the center of a nude photo scandal, as so many celebs these days do. He was apparently unaware that the nudes he'd sent to his boyfriend on Snapchat were accessible to a skilled hacker, so you can imagine his surprise when millions of fans were looking right at his dong in some full frontal selfies.

Watch Ryland talk all about how the hackers gained access to his Snapchat account:

But that's not even the best part.  There was also a video leaked of boyfriend Shane toying with Ryland's
cock and moving it around “like a mouth”, which the hacker brilliantly paired to a Selena Gomez song. Adams kept quiet about the incident for months, and just recently took to his personal YouTube channel to address the situation. He claims that he and Shane probably had “a few too many drinks” which is how they wound up recording some serious penis play.

Nothing like a little bit of liquid courage before whipping your dick out on camera!  Keep it up, boys!

hacked snapchat of Ryland

Ryland Adams nude dick pic
Nice looking dick you have there, Ryland.

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