movie star james franco tied to a bed with a bow tie around his neck shirtless

James Franco Has Dirty Naked Selfies [ UNCENSORED! ]

I bet you're so excited to see actor James Franco naked and looking DAMN good! I mean, does a bad photo of this dazzling actor even exist? I don't think so. He isn't on top of every “hottest” list for no reason! Ahhh, this gorgeous man's private pics are straight FIRE ( baby-face Justin Bieber's leaked pics are pretty steamy, too!). Franco is always wearing that devious little smile on his face, which makes him irresistible. You know this boy is naughty as they come!


Let's take a look at some of his FINEST moments before diving into the BAD ones…

sexiest man alive james franco with his hands on his head in a tank top looking so hot
That smirk is going to get you in trouble, boy!
freaks and geeks picture of james franco leaning on a fence
I wish he could be my “freak”!
sexy james franco black and white photo all wet
Franco all wet and delicious!
hot photo of james franco with a bear on his shoulder

If you didn't know, James has had a pretty interesting life. The stud was arrested as a teenager for underage drinking and graffiti, and was placed under the responsibility of a legal guardian. After dropping out of UCLA, he took acting lessons at the Playhouse West and worked at McDonald's. He dated the lovely actress Amanda Seyfried in June 2012 after filming Lovelace with her. The romance was a hot flame and didn't last very long. His mother Betsy Lou is an actress and writer, and his father Douglas is a Silicon Valley businessman. He has two brothers named Dave and Tom.

As if he could get any better? The man paints! He developed a love for the art form while attending the California State Summer School for the Arts. He later taught screen-writing at UCLA. One of his best movies was the hit film Pineapple Express with Seth Rogen.

James Franco Undressed Man Candy

Well, are you ready to see this tasty thing's leaked pics?! Get ready…

james franco naked in his bed grabbing his crotch taking a selfie
What a tease! Show us your junk, Jamesy!

Enjoy seeing this hot piece of man candy blow your socks off!

hot GIF of james franco licking his lips
celeb james franco gay scene getting a blow job king cobra movie scene
half naked james franco taking a seductive selfie with his hand on his cock and boxers pulled down
GOOD LORD! I'd like to get my hands in those undies!
half nude james franco taking a mirror selfie and showing his happy trail hair
He should take mirror selfies ALL day.

Updated October 21, 2017!

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