Did Jake Paul Make A Dirty Video With Alissa Violet?

Did Jake Paul and Alissa Violet make a sex tape? Rumors are swirling that the young YouTube stars got down and dirty in front of the lens – not a huge surprise considering the two are no strangers to airing their private business for the world to see. But more on that later.

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Jake Paul made his worldwide debut on the formerly popular video app, Vine, where his creative sense of humor and poster-boy looks gained him 1 million followers in less than 6 months. The 20 year old can now be found on YouTube, where he regularly posts vlogs, comedy sketches, and songs for his 8.6+ million subscribers.

Enter Alissa Violet, the brown-eyed bombshell who wound up collaborating on numerous videos with Paul.  Their chemistry was obvious, and it didn't take long for fanatic fans to pin the super-sexy duo, known as “Jalissa”, together.  The pair never really confirmed or denied the relationship, so things became even more confusing when some drama erupted between them earlier this year.

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That is NOT Alissa!

The two had moved into a house with a ensemble of fellow internet sensations back in 2016, but it didn't take long before shit hit the fan.  Jake allegedly kicked Alissa out of the house (for reasons that are still unclear) and supposedly went as far as to change the locks and hire a moving crew to remove her stuff from the property. Violet quickly took to Twitter, spilling to her followers that Jake was “manipulating” and that she had witnessed him hooking up with multiple girls throughout their time living together, often times crying herself to sleep as a result. Of course Jake bit back, accusing Violet of having cheated on him with one of his best friends. So… I guess Jalissa was a thing?

Any who, all that drama seems to be in the past, but now a new controversy is unfolding.  Apparently at some point while the two were boning (who knows, maybe they still are) they decided it would be a good idea to catch their steamy acts on camera. Do YOU think Jalissa has a sex tape? Who knows…people will do just about anything for fame these days.

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Mmmm… YUM!
Jake Paul Pantless

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