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Kit Harington Nude — His Uncensored Leaked Pics

What happens in Luxembourg is supposed to stay in Luxembourg!  Apparently the drinks are strong and the women are Russian women are beautiful.

Newlywed Kit Harington recently found himself in the middle of a nightmarish scandal – Olga Vlasova claims the two fucked in a hotel room after a liquor and cocaine fueled night.  She posted these Kit Harington nudes on her Instagram (now shuttered) and rumors of infidelity quickly hit the gossip channels.

Olga claims the two met after his agent approached her and the two began exchanging pleasantries.  That quickly escalated to gifts and then, his hotel room.  She claims the affair lasted a month, and she “fucked his brains out“.  She says she decided to break off the sexual arrangement after deciding his cocaine and drinking problems were out of control. Unfortunately, Kit recently married (June 2018) his Game of Thrones co-star Rose Leslie… sounds like he has some explaining to do!

Kit Harington Nude Pics

Kit Harington nude uncensored
Kit Harington leaked nude from @dobrayasuka

Kit’s rep released a statement,

“The allegations in this story are completely false,” said Kit’s rep. “[Harington] has never even been to Luxembourg nor has he ever met Olga Vlasova.”

It sure looks like him, though!

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Who is Olga Vlasova?

Olga Vlasova
Olga Vlasova, the woman who had sex with & leaked Kit Harington’s nudes
Olga Vlasova selfie (Ольга Власова)
Olga Vlasova selfie

Kit Harington Nude Scenes

See more of that sculpted ass on this post.

Kit Harington Sex Scene with Emilia Clarke

Kit Harington sex scene with Emilia Clarke (Jon Snow)


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