Calvin Harris

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  • Calvin Harris is a renowned DJ with multiple popular hits.  His gold certified album I Created Disco had several singles that went big on the charts.  His subsequent albums have hit number one on the charts, including top rankings for the single I'm Not Alone.
  • He was born in Scotland, and his real name is Adam Richard Wiles.  He gained even more noteriety after dating international sensation Taylor Swift.  Before that, he had been linked with Aarika Wolf and the ever-sexy Rita Ora.
  • He has collaborated with other top artists including Kylie Minogue and Ke$ha.  He's had more top singles in the UK from one album than any other artist.
  • Before deciding to pursue an EDM DJ career, Harris wanted to be a professional footballer (he has the body for it!!)
  • He is known for his gigantic bulge and big cock.


Calvin Harris Nude Dick Pics

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