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Always the hunk, Marky Mark still has it. He first became known in the hip-hop band Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. They released two albums, Music for the People and You Gotta Believe in the early 90s. More recently, he married Rhea Durham in 2009, and now has two daughters Ella and Grace, and two sons Brendan and Michael.

Mark Wahlberg young stud

He earned his first acting role in the 1993 TV film The Substitute. His big screen debut came a year later in the comedy Renaissance Man. He co-starred with Will Ferrell in the 2010 action/comedy The Other Guys.

Mark Wahlberg's Nudes

Marky Mark's nude pics have been sought by men and women around the world ever since his explosively popular “crotch-grab” modeling shoot for Calvin Klein underwear. His killer body and ripped six-pack has made him famous for years.

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Mark as “Dirk Diggler” and his 13 inch anaconda cock

When he was cast as male porn star “Dirk Diggler” in Boogie Nights, dreams came true.  His sex scenes and monster onscreen cock was scintillating (not to mention it's a great movie).

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Mark Wahlberg shirtless pics

Mark has always had a nice body, ever since we saw that iconic shot of him in Calvin Klein.  He's a beefcake through and through… enjoy the photo set below!

But first — watch Mark drop his pants on the runway!

Mark Wahlberg

And the classic Calvin Klein photo…

Mark Wahlberg Calvin Klein bulge

Check out the next page for more photos of our boy Marky-Mark… and a nice little video clip you should enjoy. He seems to fluctuate in weight… but he stays pretty beefy most of the time!

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Mark was born in Los Angeles, and is now married to Rhea Durham.  His brother, Donnie Wahlberg, is also an actor.  He continues to workout on a hardcore schedule, sometimes waking at 2:30am to start pumping iron.

Some of his popular film & television roles include:

  • Lone Survivor, Transformers: Age of Extinction, Ted, Boogie Nights, Daddy's Home, The Fighter, and The Departed (with the sexy beast Leonardo DiCaprio).  He produced the very popular HBO series Entourage, which was based on his life in Hollywood.

He has dated some of the sexiest women in Hollywood, including:

  • Shannen Doherty, Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Alba, Jordana Brewster, Traci Bingham and China Chow, among many others.

Mark Wahlberg Penis Bulge & Nude Scenes

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