Queen Sugar’s Timon Kyle Durrett Masturbation Video!

Yet another Hollywood actor has made the mistake of filming their X-rated behavior – and we have the footage!

This time, it's Timon Kyle Durrett, the uber-sexy man candy who you may know as Davis West from the hit TV show Queen Sugar.  Some scandalous video footage was recently leaked that shows the 6'5″ chocolate hottie masturbating (and blowing his load)! It's unclear who the tape was originally sent to, but clearly it wasn't someone who had Durrett's privacy in mind!

Scroll down to see the video.
Timon Kyle Durrett masturbation sex tape
Okay, now that that's out of the way, let's get to the really juicy stuff!

Timon Kyle Durrett is handsome with his shirt off

The 44 year old Chicago born actor is no stranger to the small screen, and has guest starred in recurring roles on TV shows such as The Young & The Restless, CSI, Heroes, Castle, and more. In his current role on Queen Sugar, Durrett plays a conflicted superstar athlete who is navigating the ups and down that come with fame.  His character seems to get caught up in a lot of controversy, which, according to the recently leaked tape, also seems to be the case in Durrett's offscreen life.

Before we get to the REAL meat of the matter (if you know what we mean) let's take a moment to drool over some shirtless pics of this sexy black stud, who's certainly not shy about showing off his washboard abs for the camera.

Timon looking down
You ready to watch this?
super ripped Timon
He is super stoked you are about to see him naked.

Here is the video BET originally leaked (since removed!)

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